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"No Lie"

"My baby, he said he loved me a thousand times; they’re all lies.
My baby, he said he needed me, but now he’s gone; I’m all alone.”

This is gonna be a good old rant about the submission of women, by other women, to socially not have body hair.

I was casually searching the web for ways to feel more confident (i’m going to the beach tomorrow) and stumbled upon this “clarifying” Hufington Post article by Amy Anka

The article starts as: 

"I spoke to a girlfriend last night who was going to meet with a gentleman for a drink.

She was feeling nervous, unattractive, and lacking confidence.

Don’t we all feel this way sometimes?


So here’s my list of things women should do in order to feel more confident about themselves.

1. Remove all of your body hair. Legs, underarms, Brazilian. In fact, you should always keep yourself groomed in this manner. You’re a woman, not a man. You’ll feel better for it.”

And i immediately stopped there… “You’re a women, not a man”?!! I’m sorry, have you ever seen a women hairless, ‘cause i have not, nor is it natural. Women are born with hair: on their heads, on their arms, on their legs, on their upper lips… It is natural biological existence that hair grows: just like the growth of hair in your nose is vital for keeping out the bad stuff from entering your respiratory system, body hair keep your skin from all the dirt that travels trough the atoms in the air. I am so disgusted to see women write this type of articles…. We’re supposed to help out one-another, not bash each other and subjugate ourselves to the misogynistic idea of women yelled out by society. Women have hair! And i’m sick and tired of people acting appalled by it… It’s human nature, it is not inhumane or horrific or “less feminine” or “feminist” having body hair, it’s simply a fact…

Also, i find the irony that women are so scarred and are humiliated for getting bald in the head while being bashed, by the same society,  for having air on “different” places a great laugh… A great laugh of pleading help

Vincent van Gogh » Flowers

Vincent van Gogh » Flowers


by miamigo
"i know it’s my fault, and i’m sorry for being so proud… But you mean so much to me and i can’t let you go…"
Birdy Not About Angels
Not About Angels


Birdy | Not About Angels

// The 1975 In Coachella //






Opinions are like orgasms, most girls aren’t taught that it is okay to have their own and are only expected to further men’s.

Holy shit.

woah there

Nicely done.


Kylie: ”la la day 3”


Kylie: ”la la day 3”